Cannabidiol for Pets

Yesterday, a regular came into The Green Sheep and asked me if our Cbd could help his elderly dog. Gin is a 10 year old Labrador with mobility issues caused by arthritis and a declining appetite. He’s a much loved part of his family and they want to keep him pain free and happy in himself for as long as is possible. I explained about the science behind Cbd and Hemp, and how it can help alleviate a myriad of symptoms and complaints in humans and animals alike; and then I remembered Dukey the boxer. What better case study than Duke! 

Duke’s person came to me one day, very upset. His vet had suggested that the time had come to have his much loved friend of 9 years put to sleep. Jack had come in for coffee and a sympathetic ear, he wasn’t ready to lose Duke and was visibly shaken. I suggested a plan; give Duke some Cbd for a week or 10 days? Use the time to come to terms with the inevitable and hopefully Duke will respond well and be  pain free for this time. Duke had a lot going on, tumours coupled with lack of mobility and a  disinterest in his surroundings plus loss of appetite. I hoped the Cbd would do them both some good.

Jack came in for coffee a few days later with a distinct pep in his step; Duke had started to eat some small amounts and was able to mooch around the house, even go outside to do his business. A few weeks later Jack rang the café; he needed more of Duke’s Cbd oil. So, Dukey was still with us! I dropped a bottle through the letter box for them.

I met Duke and Jack out for a sedate walk a few months later, looking ancient but shiney and carrying some weight. Duke was obviously doing well and Jack was amazed at his transformation. Duke at this stage was presenting his tongue for his oil each morning and evening, as soon as Jack showed him the bottle.  Occasionally, Jack said, he upped the dose if a new lump appeared or a joint became puffy.

We tried most of the pet Cbd oils over the months and the one Duke liked best was the Hemp Company one, I think the salmon oil clinched it for him.

The lovely Dukey was pts a month ago. Six months after his visit to the vet. For the last month he wasn’t able to go for his walk so Jack put him in to the front seat of the jeep and he drove the usual walk circuit with Duke sitting like royalty beside him. 

Those 6 months that Duke and Jack had were, in Jack’s words, ‘the best’. Duke was obviously happy, interested, well in himself and enjoying his dotage. Jack managed to come to terms with the inevitability of losing his friend. 

So, back to Gin. Yes, I said, in all probability, a few drops of pet Cbd a couple of times a day will make Gin’s old age more comfortable. So, Gin the elderly lab has his bottle of Cbd with salmon oil AND Sparky the retired 30 year old pony has his bottle of Equihemp ....... but that’s a whole blog post in itself!!!


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